Serendipity: The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought after.

Day 34 on the Camino was serendipitous. Today was full of American military. I walked for about an hour with  Steve, retired military from Arkansas, and Matt, Army vet from Utah. Very interesting conversations with them and I learned about so many things – one being on the wearing of white socks while serving. I had no idea about this. Anyway, they joked about wearing white socks on the Camino as an omen from their military years. After about an hour, Sara from Boston, joined us. She is a young art major/restaurant server just ending a long term relationship. When I told her where I was from she said, “Woah, that is way out there”. I asked here what she meant- socially, politically , economically , geographically??? She said geographically. I replied that we are right in the middle of the country, implying that we could not be “way out there”. That conversation went by the wayside as she informed us she was so happy to have scored some weed last night and got back to her bed at 3:00am after much shenanigans. She asked me if I was planing to eat some pulpo (octopus that Melide is known for) when I got to town. I vehemently said, “NO”. She vehemently said, ” YOU SHOULD”. I arrived into Melide and saw a very cute restaurant and decided to have a Coca Cola Zero before finding my lodging. I noticed the Pulpo on the menu and decided to go for it. I ordered their specialty- tostas de pulpo con queso de San Simon. Anything with cheese on it has to be good. While not pleasing to the eyes, it did taste ok. Interestingly, the two couples sitting next to me were military people and upon hearing their conversation about their struggles with PTSD, I introduced myself and we had nice conversation. As I was getting ready to leave I thought, “Boy, I sure wish Sara would come along so I could tell her I tried the Pulpo”.  As I exited the restaurant there was Sara (of course!) and I proudly told her I ate the Pulpo. She was very happy about that!

Grain dryers. Elevated to keep critters out and slats close enought to keep birds out.
Shell at an albergue. Stopped her for coffee
Fresh orange juice everywhere in northern Spain
Steve from Arkansas. Retired military
Matt from Utah and Steve from Arkansas – such great guys to spend some time with
Lovely cafe- Kiwi growing overhead
Sara from Boston
Spanish olives



12 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. So glad you tried the octopus! You probably would have regretted NOT trying it 🙂 And I had no idea Spain grew kiwis!


  2. Great pictures: Looks like you are having great time. Looks like your trip is getting shorter. I am sure it will be good to get back home.


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