Live as if you were to die tomorrow…

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – Mahatma Gandhi

Dairy in these parts is the primary trade. The light brown cows are called Rubio Gallegos, though a Dutch Holstein can also be spotted occasionally. I arrived into Sarria early afternoon. To receive a Pilgrim’s Compestella in Santiago you must have walked at least 100K. Sarria lies just beyond that mark, thus a great many pilgrims start here to walk the 100K and receive a Compestalla. For this reason, Saria has the largest number of lodgings on the whole Camino. Once I got settled into my room, I went into town to see the sights and get a second stamp for my passport- at Sarria you are required to get two stamps each day until you reach Santiago. I also had some delicious Caldo Gallegos, (Galician Broth). It was delicious. I ran into Nick who I met on day 16- he is the one from England that got his boots stolen. Also saw some Koreans who I have seen since day one and saw Dominick, can’t remember where he is from, but he had a nasty infection a few weeks back and needed antibiotic treatment. While I was waiting for the church to open up at 4:20 to get a stamp, I met Bill and Gary from Canada. We had a glass of wine together in the ice cream shop and shared photos and stories. They were full of stories about robberies and muggings along the way- not too sure I wanted to hear that. I have felt extremely safe the whole time.



So close!
Caldo Gallego- delicious!



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