Don’t give up…

Don’t give up. Normally it is the last key on the ring that unlocks the door.

Today was a relatively short day. Less than 20k. I left Villafranca at 9 after a wonderful buffet breakfast and arrived at my destination of Las Herrarias, about 2:30. I took my time and stopped at almost all the towns along the way for a break. I ran into Kevin and Charlotte (London) last night and again several times today. Two questions I pondered today:

1) Am I a “pampered pilgrim”?
As I was eating my swank breakfast and looking out upon the square, I was reading up on the town and all the wonderful albergues and refuges available for lodging. Here are some descriptors-

– Very well known pilgrim refuge. Many pilgrims love the authentic simplicity with rustic rooms, unique patio, and home-grown meals
– Pleaseantly renovated, partly rustic natural stone house with nice patio
– Renovated stone house, daily fresh bed sheets

I wondered to myself if I was missing somthing by booking a private room and not staying in the communal sleeping quarters in true “pilgrim style”. That is when I asked myself, “Am I a pampered pilgrim”? However, as I walked today I thought about Jenny from Maine who hired a touring company to book all her rooms that sounded to be quite nice, Mark from Denver who only stayed where he had a private bath, and Kevin and Charlotte who sometimes booked privates ahead of time or sometimes lived “dangerously” and found a private when they got to town. I also thought about the albergue snoring, disposable sheets and pillow cases, group blankets, shared bathrooms, early risers, and night owls. I came to the conclusion that being a pilgrim is as varied as the path underfoot. There is not one type of path just as there in not one type of pilgrim.

2) Am I a “pilgrim snob”?
Yesterday I walked with two lovely women from New Zealand. They were on Day 1. I was on Day 27. They were excited and full of pep. I could not help but think- you have no idea! Additionally over the last week or so, some of the towns I have been in are starting places for pilgrims who only want to do part of the Camino. When chatting with them, we inevitably ask, “Where did you start?” When I say St Jean Peid de Port, the newbies will inevitably reply “Ohhhhh, wow!!!” I have also seen college groups who take a bus from town to town and then will walk some of the Camino as they go. I can’t help but think to myself, “I started May 24 and have walked every inch of it!” These are the things I have seen and think that make me wonder, “Am I a pilgrim snob?”

Tomorrow there will not be much pondering as I have a very steep climb going from 700M up to 1,300M. I am off now to meet Kevin and Charlotte for a drink and talk about the walk a tomorrow. They are “pilgrim snobs” like me – they started from St Jean!

Buffet breakfast
Leaving Villafranca
Leaving Villafranca
Villafranca behind me
College students bussing and walking
Taxis are kept busy
Getting closer
Swimming hole at albergue- no thanks
Cooling off near the river
View out my window
Climb tomorrow.





14 thoughts on “Don’t give up…

  1. Loved your pictures today and your commentary about pilgrim identity. Kim liked the picture of the lumber. Indeed you walked every inch of the way.


  2. Hey Kathy: Thanks for all the updates and great pictures. I don’t know how you do it but I am sure it is an experience you will never forget. Stay safe and have fun.


  3. Loved your self analysis! You have every right in the world to be a pilgrim snob. You walk the walk so you can talk the talk. Very proud of you. And you have earned the right to a private room sans snoring. Love going to bed at night after a long day and opening my ipad to your notes. Loving thoughts to you………..Joan


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