Our doubts are traitors…

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. -William Shakespeare

Pilgrims talk about a “30 K day” often. For example one might hear, “I try not to do any 30K days”, “I need to split that 30K day up”, or “tomorrow I am going to try and do a 30K day”. Well, today was my 30K day and, the be honest, I was not looking forward to such a long day. I headed out at 6:30 and got to my destination at 3:00. I had 2 rest stops along the way. And now I am in my clean, quiet, lovely room ready to face a much shorter day tomorrow and each day until Santiago- Lord willing. Here are a few pictures of what I saw and experienced today. Buen Camino!









13 thoughts on “Our doubts are traitors…

  1. Wow Kathy! So proud of you for completing this super hard day. I just looked over “where’s Kathy” and you are so close! You have come a long way and have just a short way to the finish line now. Can’t wait to pick you up at the airport on July 1st! Less than two weeks. I have got a lot of cleaning to do in those two weeks! HA! – Love, John


    1. I know! So close to the end! Glad this day is done. Have a really big climb coming up in a couple days but will tackle it when the time comes!! One day at a time and before you know it, it will be July 1!


  2. Things I wonder about…a) Have you ever felt sick? When the word “Hospital” was in your previous post, it made me wonder what Pilgrims do when they are ill. b) How do you keep your water supply or access a little snack when walking all day? c) How many pairs of shoes did you bring? Your hiking boots and sandals? I am proud of you. Sal


    1. A) nope never felt sick. Smile. If someone is ill or inured they go the the Farmacia and they get help there. B) There are fountains and water supplies in many places. The big issue for me is to decide how much water to carry since it weighs. I look at the distance between towns and decide on how much water to take. There has only been one day that I underestimated my water and the was not fun. Snack? Well for me I look at the route to see where towns are where youcan get food. But the issue is, if you start too early, these places are not open. I tend to buy a couple bananas the night before I walk for the day so I have some nutrition. C) I have hiking shoes ( not boots), hiking sandals ( I have worn three times and are a nice break from shoes- but the pay off means that I have to carry my hiking shoes that weigh about 3 pounds – which is a lot), and light with rubber sandals for general purposes.


  3. It is interesting to go to Where’s Kathy, and drop the little Google streets guy onto your trail. You can see the countryside and sometimes see that pilgrims that were passed by the Google car. . Ron VDK


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