But first, sweat! Orange Theory Fitness Quote

Last night I stayed in La Virgen del Camino. The town is named for the miraculous sighting of the Virgin by a local shepherd. His vision has been translated several times into sculptures by artists. One of the sculptures is in this town in a modern looking church. The sculpture bears a resemblance to La Pieta by Michelangelo with the notable exception that Jesus is facing downward. I was able to visit the church yesterday afternoon.

Day 23: Today ended up being an 8 1/2 hour day- it took longer than I thought possibly because of the incredible heat.  After one very long stretch which ended in Villavante, I met Orla from Ireland and Jeannie from South Africa. We all three remarked how long and dry that stretch was as we hydrated ourselves at the fountain in town. My destination today is Hospital de Orbigo; it is a beautiful town with a magnificent Roman bridge that has been restored. I have noticed the landscape is changing; I am seeing more corn fields, cattle, and less poppies. There is a lot of irrigation and many tractors in the fields plus manual labor working the soil.


Modern church
Modern church
Sending me on my way
No wonder my feet hurt!
Many structures are built into hills but all seem abandoned



4 thoughts on “But first, sweat! Orange Theory Fitness Quote

  1. How many days are left? You are one STRONG lady. I can imagine your ealks back home will seem like nothing after this inspiring walk across an entire country. The end is near. Keep up the great job.


    1. Let’s see. Today is day 24 and I have 38 total days planned which include some resting days – so 14 days left. I am so thankful for healthy feet and legs. I have met so many people who are very badly injured and need extensive rest days or need to end their Camino. For me so far, so good. – fingers crossed.


  2. Hi. Ron found a website called Saved by Spot. This website allows us to track you going from town to town. Very proud of you!


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