Small towns in northern Spain

You would think that the towns along northern Spain would be flourishing due to the Camino. My observation is that the small towns are not. So many of the towns I end up in have a couple accommodations for pilgrims and that is it. These accommodations are quite nice. But many of the towns are abandoned or vacant or have property for sale. Below are some pictures of the town I am in tonight that show what I am observing.


Supermarket that closes for siesta and opens at 5:30
My alberguue


My albergue

4 thoughts on “Small towns in northern Spain

    1. HI Charlotte. I have been saving quotes i find about the Camino for quite a while. I did not carry any books but do have some books on tape and podcasts to listen to as well. Thanks for commenting!


  1. Kathy, I think your obsevation is right. Korea has same situation. The big city has many population and various civilzed life but the rural area is different. The young people don’t like to live small town so only elderly people live there. As the result children decrease and school was closed. Kathy! fighting—-


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