When things are going badly, as sometimes happens…

When things are going badly, as sometimes happens; when the path appears uphill; when your resources are weakened and doubts emerge; when, smiling, you have to choke back tears; when worries weigh you down- rest, if you need to, but don’t give up. Life is strange with its comings and goings; where contradictions are our daily bread. So, if defeat comes knocking at your door and invites you to backward-looking, do not let it in. Fight it off. Keep looking to the future, don’t give in. Triumph may be just around the corner. Triumph is defeat in reverse. It is the silver lining in every cloud which never lets you see how near it is, even when you have it a hand’s grasp away.  That’s why you must decide to fight without respite. Because in truth, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. – Parish Priest, August Losado Lopez

The 18 km stretch over the Maseta from Carrion to Calzadilla is an absolutely  flat, lonely, and unshaded landscape that is a real challenge to the body and soul. It seems to go on forever and it seemed to me that Pilgrims kept to themselves just to focus on getting over this stretch. There was one “pop up” bar that I encountered on this stretch and it was nice to be able to rest and get something to eat. After arriving in the town of Calzadilla and resting, I made my final 1.5 hour trek to a small town I had selected called Ledigos. When I arrived in Ledigos, I was not sure I made the right decision as it is a very small, barren town. However, much to my surprise, the Albergue where I am staying is absolutely wonderful! It is one of the nicest ones I have stayed in. I will get a good night’s sleep and see what tomorrow brings.

Leaving Carrion


Getting closer!
Hans Martin with sore knee


“Pop up” bar
Sausage, tomato, and mustard Bocadillo
Long stretch coming to an end- Calzadilla in sight.
Time for a snack and rest


Onward to Ledigos


My room
Albergue La Morena
La Morena
La Morena
La Morena
La Morena
La Morena
La Morena
Hans Martin, Hungary, headed to next town

17 thoughts on “When things are going badly, as sometimes happens…

  1. Great pep talk by that Parish Priest! May it carry you on to the end! I so admire what you are doing Kathy, and am enjoying your daily blog. See you on Ragbrai, I think that’ll be a piece of cake for you!!!! Take care!


  2. I was wondering (like Carolyn) how you’d feel on Ragbrai this July. It will feel speedy for you! Thinking about your daily walks, your deepened prayers, and your many friends to strengthen you. God Bless your day….It is Sunday am and we are in Battle Lake. Yesterday was sunny with smooth lake waters. Today there are thunderstorms and wind with little white caps on the water. Just like life.


  3. What a nice hostel you picked!!! Looks like a nice, peaceful small town in which you can rest. I’m praying for your physical and mental health to continue to be strong! I love you so much!


  4. Kathy I’m very much enjoying your posts and traveling with you from my shady flat spot in iowa. I loved the piece by Fr Lopez. Your photos are lovely — I want to walk the Camino some day!! Blessings to you, and strength for each day.


  5. Kathy, I am amazed as I read your daily posts. Thank you for allowing us to get a glimpse of your journey (physical, emotional, and spiritual) on this pilgrimage. I love hearing of all the people God has brought to journey with you. I am grateful for the beauty and rest you found today in the Albergue in Ledigos.


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