The Camino is like an accordion – Janet from Sanibel

Day 16 was a short one that completed my “rest period”. I think rest is good but when you get into the small town to rest there is nothin to do! I walked from Hontanas to Castrojeriz with Mark from Denver and got to Castrojeriz about 10:00 am. The town has a population of 600 and three huge beautiful churches. Early afternoon I stopped at a bar (which means bar/coffee shop/ restaurant) and met some new people. I met Mick and Jenny form Australia, Nick from UK, and Janet from Sanibel. So unreal- there is a pod cast I have been listening to about people who are walking the Camino and one of them was about a guy from Australia named Mick who is carrying the Australiam Roll of Honor which honors 42 Australians killed in service in Afghanistan. He was one of the guys in the group I met this afternoon! Tomorrow I start back up with longer days. Not sure if I will take a “rest day” again. There is too much down time. I am enjoying the daily long walks and so far am not experiencing any injuries


Simple pleasures
Off with Mark
San Anton- ruins of monestary
Castrojeriz in the distance
Castle ruins
Dog park
Watching pilgrims go by
My lodging
My room
Hospital del Alma: art gallery and meditiaon space


Streets of the town


Mick from podcast!


My lodging


7 thoughts on “The Camino is like an accordion – Janet from Sanibel

  1. Hi Kathy…I love your daily writings. I look forward to them every day,.,…and the pictures are lovely. I just can’t wait to talk to you about this adventure in person during Ragbrai!!! (You will not need to train!!!) I’m interested in how many people you actually run into each day and whether or not you need reservations ahead of time each night? Doesn’t look like you are having any trouble or that the places are too crowded but hard to tell for sure! Looks like your weather has been pretty nice which always makes a journey more pleasant!!! What an experience!!


    1. The weather has been great! One 9 hour day in rain, hail, and cold. That was miserable but I made it through! At first I was going to just get lodging as I got to town but I changed my mind. I have an ap called Wise Pilgrimm and you can book on line. I good a few days ahead. I try and get a private room as half the world snores and I really need to get a good night sleep. Thanks for flowing!!


  2. Kathy! Your journey is wonderful. It doesn’t matter which one you choose resting or walking.^^ I enjoyed your daily writing and pictures.


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