Expect the unexpected – Dawn from Iowa Chapter of APOC

I woke this morning about 8 in Tajdajos planning to walk a second “short day” which would conclude my two day rest period. As I was lazily getting ready, I swung open my balcony windows to check the temperature and across the street I saw Tamara from Austria (one of the Orrison pilgrims I met on day one). She was  stopping to get a cup of coffee.  I called her name and she saw me on the balcony and just shrugged like, “how does this happen?” I motioned I would be right down. Once I got across to the bar I was pleased to see her, Ellen, Hans Martin, and Kathy- familiar faces. It was great to be able to start the day walking with them. I had planned to stay in Hornilos and had contacted someone who had booked me a room at El Molina, which he said was very nice. However, once I got to town, he told me someone would come pick me up and take me to my lodging and bring be back in the morning. My intuition told me this may not be too great and so I decided to walk on to the town Ellen, Kathy and Tamara were going to- Hontanas. The albergue where we are staying is outstanding! It has a restaurant, laundry, and staples to buy. We have spent the afternoon in the outdoor garden area enjoying the beautiful scenery and company and waiting for our laundry to dry.

Friends i saw out my window in Tardajos
Which way?
Small church
John Deere
Hornillos where I had planned to stay- change of plans. Great idea!


Coming into Hontanas
Outdoor garden area
Drying laundry
Room of 8





6 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected – Dawn from Iowa Chapter of APOC

  1. Trip is full of “oh my-s”, how joyful” it seems! Still remains that all of you are walking, walking, walking! How are your feet doing! Love you!

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  2. Wow- Kathy! I kike your decision too. Look good everybody. The picutres are beautiful. Iread your story and follow you. Kathy! Thank you. I hope your health and especially feet are OK till the end of pilgrim journey.


  3. Hi Kathy I can’t wait everyday to c your posts u have met a lot of people from all over the world how exciting is that all the different places and sights love sharing your adventure with u house plants and John are good love and miss you!!!!!!


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