The 1.4 kilos less I packed this time has become 1.4 kilos more…

The 1.4 kilos less I packed this time has become 1.4 kilos more in wisdom for this trip. -Francisco, fellow pilgrim I met in my Tardojos albergue

Day 14. Leaving Burgos means leaving the most physically challenging  part of the Camino and heading into the maseta, endless miles of flat plains with very little shade. I will be walking the maseta for about ten days. They say the first third is physical and second third is mental so “we shall see.” I feel alone now as I did on day one since my fellow pilgrims I have gotten to know since day one are now at different places on the Camino. At my albergue tonight is Tony from England, who I met that very rainy day in a bar and whom I also walked with yesterday (he is the kickin’ it Kathy guy). I also met Maria from Switzerland and Francisco from Italy at the albergue and on the walk today I met Becca from Florida. Perhaps these pilgrims will be staples over the next many days.

Leaving Burgos
Leaving Burgos
Menu del dia
Profusion of snails pointed out to me by a German woman
Courtyard where I chatted with Tony, Maria, and Francisco
More stork nests
Fountain in town
Torta de Aceite- a type of flat bread that is unique to this area
Menu del dia: Meal of the day- very good.
My lovely lodging

11 thoughts on “The 1.4 kilos less I packed this time has become 1.4 kilos more…

  1. Hi Kathy, Congratulations on your wonderful blog. I do not know where you get the energy to write it after the exertions of walking all day. I have recommended your blog to several of my friends who are enquiring about our experiences on the camino. David & I think happily about the time we walked & talked with you on our journey together. As you know well, you need never feel alone on the camino as you meet new people every day. As you like Irish “sayings”, I will finish with an Irish proverb: “Gioraíonn beirt bóthar” which means something like two people walking together shorten the road. Buen camino from Gerard & David.


    1. Thanks Gerard. It was a pleasure meeting both of you. David is a wonderful young man. Thanks for the proverb. I can attest that, yes, having two people walking together made the road shoter when we wandered off the Camino!


  2. Sorry, got sent before I was done….I was so impressed with the respect David has for you had also your commitment to walk the Camino with your son. You have made a memory for me on my Camino.


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