Poppy fields

The orange poppy flowers are abundant along the way but over the last few days there have been massive fields of light pink poppies. I wondered about them and concluded that they must be being grown for poppy seeds that we use as a culinary item. However, today I walked with Jenny who told me that she chatted with a local who told her they are grown to be used as opium. Interesting. I am now wondering, “where do we get those poppy seeds that we use for culinary purposes?”


5 thoughts on “Poppy fields

  1. Looks like the poppy seeds we cook with come from the opium poppy and yes, we could have a positive drug test for heroine …… but apparently you would have to eat copious amounts for that to happen!
    So enjoy your pictures and commentary. Rest those weary feet.
    Sending love from the west coast.
    46 days til Ragbrai 🙂


  2. Beautiful pink poppy! In Korea we are not familiar with poppy seed. So I have no idea about poppy. But it’s beautiful.


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