My “cah” is kickin’ it

Day 13. I left Ages at 7:00 this morning and headed to Atapuerca for coffee and a bite to eat. From there I had a steep climb to Sierra de Atapuerca where I could see my final destination for today, Burgos, in the distance. I passed through three more towns before arriving in Burgos. I walked a bit with Tony from the UK. When I told him my name he wanted to know if my “cah” (the sound of the K) was kickin’ it or curling it. What he meant was was my name Kathy or Cathy? The K is kicking it and the C is curling it. So I guess I am “kickin” it! We talked about our plans for walking the Camino over the next few days and he said, “well, you can cut and shuffle as you wish” or ” you can slice the salami the way you want”.  It is so fun to hear some of the sayings from other countries.

Morning snack.


Steep climb to Atapurca
Burgos in the distance


Entering Burgos


Shells in the sidewalk
Entering the old town of Burgos


7 thoughts on “My “cah” is kickin’ it

  1. You are defiantly Kick’n it girlfriend. What a journey! Life adventure you’ll always remember. Keep up the good work Kathy!


  2. Wow!!!! Hotels for two nights!!!! Luxury, for sure!!! And well deserved !!!!! Your daily notes are sooooo good! Keep a’truckin!!!!(or whatever it’s called!) my friends are soooooo interested in your Camino! Lots of love——

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