I changed my destination today as what I had planned had very few options for lodging. That being said, today was a long one – a 9 hour trek of cold and wet. I left Belorado in the dark at 6:00 to get a jump start on the rain. I had three short sections where I was able to stop and get coffee at each one and then one long 10 mile section to get me to my destination. Here are some positive thoughts about today:
– it only rained the first third and the last third of the day
– the lightening kept its distance
– the hail was the size of tapioca and not golf balls
– my Packa kept me warm and dry
– my pack was light since I was wearing almost all my clothes in layers
– my electronic devices survived
– I have hotel reservations the next two nights and can take long luxurious showers there- will forgo a shower tonight and sleep in my clothes to get a jump start on the day tomorrow
– I have a lower bunk at the far end of the room for a quiet night (earplugs always a must!)

Bar in Espinosa
Bar in Villambistia


Bar in Villanfranca


Canadian display???


Arriving into Ages


San Juan de Ortega- monastery converted into albergue
Bar in San Juan

12 thoughts on “Fortitude!

  1. Oh, Kathy!!!! You seem to be doing great—— but I don’t know how!!!! In a very tiny way, I feel that I am with you——VERY tiny! Think of you most all the time! Love you and pray for you!

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    1. Thanks for your prayers. I was not looking forward to today. Rain Rain Rain… then lightening, thunder, and hail! My little Packa did the trick and kept me dry and warm. I am now in an Alberque with many great people and just had a wonderful meal. Going to bed soon and a short day tomorrow in to Burgos and a hotel room!!


  2. YOU are the most courageous person I know! 😀 Truly your trip and fortitude amazes and impresses me! What a long lonnnng day! Hugs for a new day of journey. Do you have days of no travel?


  3. Kathy! You had a good decision. Take a rest for next step. You are so brave.
    I am sorry I didn’t follow you immediately because of Joong’s eldest brother. From yesterday he seems to burn out his energy. He didn’t respond to us. I visited him everyday because he wanted some food like a fish soup. I made it for him and he enjoyed to eat. But yesterday he stopped to eat.


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