An Albergue

I have stayed at a few really great albergues and a few not so great! I am also staying at some hostels where I can get a private room. Seem to be about 50/50 of each. I look ahead to the destination town, read reviews and decide what to do. When I am at a private room I do miss the camaraderie of the other pilgrims but I sure do get a good night’s sleep! The albergues are very inexpensive- about 7 to 10 euros but since I did not bring a sleeping bag, I get cold! I sleep in my sleep sack and then wear my down jacket and long underwear. Even though my sleeping in the albergues has not been the best, I still feel rested in the morning. The albergue I am at tonight is very nice. It has 211 beds in 10 dormitories, a very nice kitchen, and a big common area. It also has a snoring room and in the back of the albergue, the backup chicken crew recuperate after performing a 14 day shift at the local cathedral. It also has a very nice laundry area outside. The cost is 7 euros. The bathrooms are separated into one for men and one for women and are extremely clean.

Table area
View out my window. Chickens are under the red roof
My dorm. My bed is the top bunk on the left. A woman from the Netherlands is below me and Hans Martin form Berlin is across from me
Central area with dorms around the perimeter
Outdoor space
Laundry area

8 thoughts on “An Albergue

  1. Great pictures! I feel better for you now. I know that it will not always be that way. Thanks for your note on our move. Dorie


  2. Kathy! you had a various experience for Carmino. Thank you for sharing with us. Whenever you choose what you want, the duty which you choose is yours. When I read your story and I learn of my living too.


  3. Looks like the trip of a lifetime, Kathy! May God richly bless you and John as you continue on this path. It’s so wonderful to take the time to do something really special.


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