A smooth sea…

A smooth sea does not make a skilled sailor. – Lindsay B from Power Life Yoga

Day 10 begins with no electricity in my room. I have dressed and packed in the dark and will soon head out. At the lodging I am staying in there is no front desk help in the early morning so no way to get electricity back on. Other observations about Spain I have noticed: they sleep with very long body pillows, the pillow cases are open at both ends, they really do take siestas in the afternoon from 2-4 or 5, the food is a lot of bocadillas and tortillas (tortillas are more like quiches), you cannot touch the fruit in the markets, vegetables are scarce, there are no wash cloths, there is no cream rinse that I have been aware of, and Coke Zero sure tastes great at the end of the day! Guess I am off for the day- hope nothing gets left behind.

Packing in the dark
View out my room once sun came up in Najera

7 thoughts on “A smooth sea…

  1. Kathy! This is first time I am the first person to read your story. haha… I didn’t open computer for 4days because of Joong’s eldest brother. So I have to read I missed all. And then just before your new story is update. No electricity, but the scenery of daybreak si so beautiful.


  2. Oh no!!!! No electricity is no fun. One time I was working in Benin and my hotel NEVER had electricity, so every morning I had to get ready in the dark and every night I had to open my windows because it was so hot without AC. Oh I can relate!!!!!


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