Man is the only creature who can trip over the same stone…

Man is the only creature who can trip over the same stone three times in the same day. -Juan on the Camino today

Last night we said farewell to David and his dad, Gerod, from Ireland. David will be attending grad school in statistics this fall and as they say in Ireland, he will be flying it (doing well). This morning was my last day in the Navarra province. I left Los Arcos for Torres del Rio, then on to Viana and into the last stop for the day- Lograno. Justine, if you are reading this, Ellen, Tamara and I discussed if we felt as one with our packs yet. We decided not yet- they are more like an acquaintance or perhaps a friend but not yet feeling as one! I walked 7.5 hours today over a variety of terrain; plenty of hills for sure. I ran into Ellen and Tamara in Viana (of course) and the three of us walked the final two hours into Lograon. That helped the time pass.


Last day for David and his dad from Ireland
Leaving Los Arcos
Approaching Torres del Rio
Memorials along the way
Memorials along the way
Lograno, our final destination, in the distance.
Coming to Viana
This way
Path into Lograno
New Region, La Rioja
Final destination in the distance. I optimistically told Ellen and Tamara at least we can see it. Tamara say, “Well we can see the mountains too!”

8 thoughts on “Man is the only creature who can trip over the same stone…

  1. Kathy!! I’m so proud of you! What an amazing journey to learn more about yourself! What a strong, beautiful woman you are!!


  2. Hi Kathy really love following u love the pics and stories soak it all in and just think of the stories u can tell your grand babies love u ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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