Walk with the weight of your burdens and the burden of your weight.

Day 7 begins with a delay. I am headed to the post office to send home a bag of unneeded items. Even though each one individually weights little or nothing, it ADDS UP! The post office does not open until 8:30 so I need to wait until then to go.

At this hostel I was in the company of Fatima and her daughter, Mary from Ireland who had helped me get back on the right road in Cirauqui when I missed the arrow (yep they ended up at the same hostel as me). I am also in the company of Maria and Katia from Slovenia who were my bed mates in Pamplona. Poor Maria has blisters all over her feet and says her middle name is “blister”. I am also in the company of Leonardo from Brazil who is just wonderful. He walked with me the last part of the way into Estella and headed off to the municipal albergue. However, when I arrived at my hostel he was here! And his sleeping quarters were right by mine. How did that happen? I am also with sweet Ellen from San Francisco who was in Orrison with me. Well, I need to get going- today will be a late day because of the post office stop. Buen Camino!


Bag to go home
Pilgrims’ meal




13 thoughts on “Walk with the weight of your burdens and the burden of your weight.

  1. What an amazing journey Kathy. Great to have so many friends along the way that you will have forever in your heart. Be safe, many trails appear quite challenging . Best wishes for a good day today !


    1. Pillow case, cork screw, hiking tool, shoe laces, plastic bottle , salt shaker!!!!, safety pins, and some other things I think. It all adds up. 1-2 pounds lighter today and it felt fantastic!!!!!!!


  2. Kathy….I’m interested in how you choose each night’s place of rest. Was this all plotted out and reservations made before you even left home? Or are there enough places to stay that you don’t have to worry about whether or not there will be “room at the inn” when you reach your final destination for the day? I guess I am hoping that you don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay all day as you walk. Hugs to you………Joan


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