The craic (pronounced crack) was mighty!

I walked some today with a father and son from Ireland and they said, “The craic was mighty”. I asked what that meant and they said it means you had a good time so that is my title for today.

Today was a long one- left at 7 and arrived in Puente la Reina at 3. Left Pamplona this morning for Cizur Menor, then off to Zariquiegui. A highlight today was ascending to Alto del Perdon. From there, the descent led into Muruzabal, Obanas, and my final destination of Puente le Reina.

To note: some of the Camino family I bonded with in Orrison are taking rest days or transporting on by bus farther down the line. Kind of melancholy to know I may not see them again, but anticipating seeing familiar faces as we go and meting new pilgrims along he way.












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