Everyday is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

What a gift I got at the end of the day today! When I started this adventure I was committed to just walking and not making any reservations for lodging along the way; let the Camino provide. Last night I heard several of my Camino family making reservations for Zubiri (our planned destination). The talk had been that the town was filling up fast and accommodations were slim. When looking at some of the choices for lodging I was nervous I would only be left with the municipal albergue which had a review that said, “No sheets, kinda shitty, group showers, cold, and bunks shaky”. I contemplated booking lodging and when one of my Camino family heard this she said, “Don’t do it! That is part of doing the Camino”.  I agreed. Coming into Zubiri, I was nervous about my lodging and asked the Camino to provide. I was hoping for a private room tonight for a change to provide a good rest. The first place I stopped was “complete” – full.  Next I stopped at the Hosteria de Zubiri and asked for a room for one. The woman at the desk said she would check. I was anxious. She said, “Yes, I have a room for you”. It is beautiful and perfect for me! The Camino provided,  I am thankful I did not give into the “tug” that said “book something ahead of time”.  Looking forward to day 4.





8 thoughts on “Everyday is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

  1. I was able to signup for your blog Kathy – I am so glad it is going so well for you. Beautiful and enlightening!!


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