Day 2 walking: Orrison to Ronsecvalles. Step with care…

Day 2 walking: Orrison to Ronsecvalles. Step with care and great tact and remember that life is a balancing act, Just never forget to be dexterous and deft. And never mix up your right foot with your left!

The walk today took me over the Pyrenees mountains and into Ronscevalles. The views were more than breathtaking.  Long haired sheep, cattle, and horses roamed the hills with no fencing in site. Once at the summit the terrain changed to forests and the decent was on gravel and rocks. Tough day but the beauty was well worth it. Another pilgrim sent me a picture she took of me descending so the person you see on the decent is me! I walked some today with a 24 year German girl who was one of my roommates last night and a 22 year old German young man I encountered along the way. He started from his home in Germany two months ago!

PS: be sure to click the “Where’s Kathy” link and scroll to body of blog to see where I was today. Click satelite view for a great picture of my trek!

Also, thanks for all you comments. I am not replying much as I am busy walking across Spain- ha. But I love reading them .






3 thoughts on “Day 2 walking: Orrison to Ronsecvalles. Step with care…

  1. Hi Kathy. The pictures are so beautiful. I think what you are doing would be a wonderful way to promote international peace…..making a journey with people from so many other places, listening to their stories, understanding their cultures, learning that deep down we are all quite similar. So happy to follow you on your trek.


  2. kathy! When I read your letter, I feel flying somewhere. Beautiful pictures make me happy and calm what I need.


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