No matter how you feel…

No matter how you feel…get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.

Today was my 5th day of long distance training with my pack. It was a bit tough to head out as is was once again chilly and I needed several layers. But- I did it! Every step I took was one step closer to the finish. Lots of hills today and I used my new poles. They are very helpful. 17 miles and 6 hours later, back home,

Interesting flow pattern
More hills





After last Thursday’s 17 mile hike, I was feeling disheartened by the pain in my right shoulder. I sought advice from my American Pilgrims on the Camino Friends and REI and made some adjustments to my pack.  I am pleased to say that after today’s hill training, my pack feels fantastic. Feels like a feather. I was carrying too much weight on my shoulders. Now the weight is mostly on my hips and lower back.  Two hours of hills proved adjustment worked! No pain!




Received my Credencial del Peregrino!

The credential identifies you as a pilgrim traveling on foot, bicycle, or horseback, and it must be shown when you register in the albergues in which you sleep along the Camino. The credential should be stamped and dated on a daily basis in albergues, parishes, hotels, commercial establishments, police stations, or other institutions along the way. To obtain your Compostela certificate, it is necessary to present your credential at the Pigrims’ office in Santiago. The Camino has existed for thousands of years and I will soon be part of its legacy!






All you have to do…

All you have to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over.

Day two done. Took on some inclines. 15.4 miles in under five hours including rest stops. Thanks Annette on helping me through the first 7.7 miles and helping me to understand why on earth God would make the male cardinal so red and vulnerable.