What’s in that backpack?

2 pair of quick dry undies, 2 pair of socks, 2 quick dry shorts, adapter, Aleve, all purpose soap, ATM card, back pack, Band-Aids, baggies, bandanna, bobby pins, sun screen, bra, buff, carabiner, charger, clothes pins, comb, Compeed, contacts, credit card, cross to leave, debit card, deodorant, drawstring bag, dress, earplugs, nail file, face wash and sun screen, floss, Gerry down, Glide foot balm, guide book, hair clips, hair rubber bands, hand sanitizer, hat, headlamp, health insurance card, hiking shoes, ID, iPad, iPhone, keyboard charger, Kleenex, leggings, long shoe laces, long sleeve shirt, make up, Merino wool short sleeve  shirt, Merino wool long sleeve shirt, money, multi tool, notebook, Packa, passport, pen, Pilgrim’s Credential Passport, hiking poles, body purse, rubber bands, “S” hook, safety pins, sandals, sarong, scissors, sewing kit, scarf, skirt, sleeveless shirt, sleeping clothes, small wallet, solar tracker, spork, sports bra, stone to leave, syringes, toothbrush/paste, towel, toilet paper, Zip Lock bags, wash cloth, Camino wedding band, extra power source, water bottle, notes from family






Where is Kathy?

Time to track! I bought a really cool satellite tracker to use while walking and got it all set up yesterday and gave it a go today. Works really slick! It sends a gps coordinate to my on-line map every 30 minutes plus I can push a button and send a customized message to anyone’s email or phone. Good idea to use for safety’s sake!





“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”

First training day. Started from home at 5736 Gallery Court and walked about 12 miles to the Farmers’ Market in downtown Des Moines. I did not walk with a pack. John, Sung, and Allie picked me up.